Alike Pariah

Learning Acceptance Through The Lens

One of my favorite pastimes is going to the movies. Every Christmas, my family would watch Beauty & the Beast and the Wizard of Oz. After Thanksgiving dinner, you could find us trying to sneak in leftovers to snack on during the newest release. I've stayed up late to catch midnight showings of Twilight, and I frequent the drive-in.

There is just something captivating about the surround sound, buttery popcorn smell, and large screen at the movies. My mom introduced me to two iconic queer films which became our favorite movies to watch, The Birdcage and To Wong Foo: Thanks For Everything! Julie Newmar. This Pride Month, I reflect on queer cinema, my coming out experience, and advice on how to support your loved ones if they come out as LGBTQ+.

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#MeetIronGalaxy - LGBTQ+ Edition

At Iron Galaxy, our team of inspired and motivated people are essential to our company's success. Our different backgrounds and views provide us with diversity that helps us create broad, exciting and unique gaming experiences. This recurring series of interviews is a chance for us to introduce them to you and let them tell their story.

As part of our recognition of Pride month, today we're talking to Alexander Stopar, Margaret Dax, Austin Lewis and Tiffani Koczenasz of our LGBTQ+ affinity group.