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05/04/2023   •   Written By Keenan Moralicz

This year at the Game Developers Conference, Iron Galaxy was out in force. All up, we had dozens of Iron Galaxy employees on hand in San Francisco. We built our own booth where we met new professionals and reconnected with old industry friends. We offered resume, portfolio, and career advice to aspiring developers hoping to break into the industry. A few of us even had the opportunity to share our work with a live audience as presenters.

This is our GDC 2023 story, told by just some of the people who attended.

Steven Kosanovich: "My talk covered the nuts and bolts of Rumbleverse’s character system. A chief pillar of Rumbleverse is character customization. As character lead, I was responsible for working with technical artists and designers to develop a character and accessory system that allowed for maximum customization without resulting in broken or unappealing combinations. In the talk, I covered our character design philosophy, accessory pipeline, and accessory system development necessary to bring the characters of Rumbleverse to life!"

See Steven’s GDC Talk, available in the Vault now:
Building Champions: Character Art Pipeline for 'Rumbleverse'
*Please note that you will need a member or studio subscription to view this presentation*

Jon Moore: "I presented Grappling with Performance: Rendering Optimization Strategies in ‘Rumbleverse’ – which gave a deep dive into optimizations to keep the game running efficiently across multiple console generations. The presentation was full of PS4 performance traces on the GPU and CPU breaking down problems that arose and how the team tackled them."

View Jon’s GDC talk in the Vault here:
Grappling with Performance: Rendering Optimization Strategies in 'Rumbleverse'
*Please note that you will need a member or studio subscription to view this presentation*

Eli Montoya: "It was such a joy to help lead the conversation at the Latinx in Gaming GDC roundtable. During the panel, we had an open forum for Latine developers to share their struggles and provide support to each other. As a volunteer for the Latinx team, it's crucial to take the time to learn from our community and understand the challenges they face day to day. It was an impactful session that left me energized to do more."

Check out LXiG's Virtual Job Fair "Conexion" this May:
Latinx in Gaming presents: CONEXION 2023 - A Virtual Career Fair

Mike DeVivo: "One of the things I loved the most about my GDC experience was encountering so many students from colleges we had visited earlier this year. It was nice to continue conversation with those students and seeing them recommend that their fellow classmates stop by our booth."

"Having students tell us how thankful they were that we were genuinely there to help them and keep the focus on their career was a highlight for sure. It was one of the reasons we were as busy as we were day in and day out."

Fernando Rivera: "The last time I went to GDC was 9 years ago, early in my career. I remember how difficult it was to get even the time of day from anyone. Working at the IG booth, I had the opportunity to talk to so many young developers, knowing exactly what it was to be in their shoes, fresh out of a degree program and looking for a start."

"It was really fulfilling to talk with developers, review their work, and share my journey and insight with so many of them. Seeing their hope and gratitude repaid me in turn."

Marina Suarez: "One of the things I enjoyed the most is the work we did in the Iron Galaxy's booth at the expo at GDC 2023 with my development team. I absolutely love mentoring all passionate young developers, reviewing their portfolios, and sharing our open working values in the industry."

"Connecting with both students and partners was amazing. It was a pleasure providing a bit of exposure about my role in the company!"

Utsab Das: "It was wonderful meeting so many aspiring developers who are huge fans of our various games. My focus at the expo was sharing my personal knowledge of how to break into the industry game developers are so passionate about."

Joe Palmer
: "I had a great time meeting people and chatting with them about what Iron Galaxy does."

"The best part was meeting all the developers at the beginning of their careers and being able to give them some advice for breaking into the industry. Not to mention reuniting with lots of different people I haven't seen in years."

Huge thanks to the people who foster GDC as a place where game developers can link up with one another - and to all the Iron Galaxy representatives who were a part of GDC 2023. Make sure to stop by the GDC Vault to experience replays of Steven and Jon’s presentations. We look forward to seeing you again next year!