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GDC Podcast: Dave Lang on job stability, quality of life, Windjammers

03/26/2020   •   Written By Tom Carbone

Dave Lang, founder of Iron Galaxy Studios, sat down with the GDC Podcast crew recently to discuss job stability and quality of life in game development.

While the podcast was recorded before COVID-19 really started to take hold in the U.S., much of what Dave discussed is even more applicable now. As industries around the world are grappling with the economic, social and health impact COVID-19 has made, stability is still Iron Galaxy's most important value.

"Basically the reason Iron Galaxy exists…is because I'd been at so many companies that closed overnight on me. Sculptured [Software] kicked out the management, it wasn't the company I loved anymore, Kodiak [Interactive] literally closed overnight on me, Microsoft, a company with like 10 billion in the bank told me I'm not welcome there anymore essentially, I need to find a new job. Midway disintegrated around me. It's like no place is safe and I just wanted to build a game developer where I could work with my friends until I was done making games, right? I want to build a place that you can retire from if you wanna retire from," Dave explains.

Listen to the whole episode now on iTunes, Google Play Music, and Spotify