Our Role


When Blizzard’s most recent project launched in 2016, Overwatch took the world by storm. The team-based first-person shooter quickly shot up to the top of many game lists as the best of the year, and here at Iron Galaxy, we were having a ton of fun playing it too. When Blizzard asked us to help them bring the game over to the Nintendo Switch after our Diablo III assistance, we jumped at the opportunity to keep working with a great partner on a game that we truly love.

Utilizing the Switch’s unique gyroscopic motion, players can use motion to precisely aim and use their weapons for the first time. Blizzard set out to make sure players felt like they were playing the Overwatch that they’ve come to expect, and at a solid 30 FPS in handheld mode, the game feels as good as ever without sacrificing any of the features that fans know and love from the game.