Technical Designer

This opportunity is for a full-time position, either in Chicago, IL or Orlando, FL. Iron Galaxy employees are all working from home through at least July 2021 due to COVID-19. This WFH policy extends to anyone that Iron Galaxy hires between now and then. All new-hire onboarding is being done remotely, and any equipment that you might need for projects at Iron Galaxy will be shipped directly to you.

Iron Galaxy Studios is looking for a Tech Designer to help solve difficult implementation and pipeline problems on our projects and be a knowledge hub for development tools for our team.

The Tech Designer will work with our Design team on projects to help build out challenging technical content using scripting and the development tools of our projects. They will help team members understand the pipelines needed to develop content and work with our team on how they can be improved. Our Technical Designers at Iron Galaxy get the opportunity to work on a variety of tools from the AAA partners we work with, and are regularly challenged to learn new tools and excel at them. See why Great Place to Work recently certified us as a great place to work!

This opportunity is for a full-time position, either in Chicago, IL or Orlando, FL.


  • Be a knowledge hub for existing development tools and development software
  • Understand, teach, and help manage Design content process and pipelines
  • Implement difficult and unique content in-engine using our content tools and scripting languages
  • Track down problems in current systems, predict problems in developing systems, produce test cases, and implement fixes in systems and tools
  • Be the liaison between designers, artists, and engineers needed content implementation support
  • Collaborate with Designers to understand and champion their development challenges
  • Design and Develop new tools and processes in collaboration with your fellow Designers, working with Engineers and other teams when needed to see them through.

Qualifications: If you possess many or most of these qualities, you’re probably a great fit!

  • Experience with game development engines and Design pipelines such as UE4, Unity, Level Editors
  • Experience with developing content in game engines
  • Experience scripting in a previous visual or written language
  • You love games