Junior Programmer

Iron Galaxy Studios is seeking a Junior Programmer to join our world-class engineering team. We are a well-established independent game developer who has worked with the titans of our industry to ship more high-caliber games than any other indie developer. We’re known for our excellent work on Killer Instinct, as well as helping to bring Skyrim and Diablo III to the Nintendo Switch. We pride ourselves on being a studio that does amazing work while maintaining a positive culture and supporting work-life balance for our employees.

Programmers at Iron Galaxy work on a wide variety of projects, including creating new games from the ground up, co-developing games with partners, and porting existing games to new platforms. Our projects tend to have shorter development cycles; it’s not uncommon for a programmer to work on more than one project in a year. We’ve found that this helps keep things fresh, presents new challenges, and provides opportunities to utilize experience gained from previous projects.

As a Junior Programmer, you will be expected to help implement features and systems, debug difficult problems, and welcome new challenges. In addition to your technical experience, you should have strong communication skills, and be capable of working with diverse cross-functional teams.

This opportunity is available in either Orlando, FL or Chicago, IL.

Core Responsibilities: This is an entry level position. Candidates are not expected to have any previous professional experience but should have some understanding of game development. Responsibilities vary based on the project and expertise. Here are some examples of what a Junior Programmer might be expected to do at Iron Galaxy Studios:

  • Help implement new features or systems
  • Review game design documents and provide feedback
  • Help implement low-level subsystems for new platforms
  • Fix bugs within the areas that you’ve worked

What else are we looking for? Here’s our wishlist for the ideal candidate. If you possess most of these qualities, you may very well be the one we’re looking for:

  • Familiarity with game development concepts
  • Basic understanding of C/C++
  • Desire to learn and grow
  • Strong debugging skills
  • Able to adapt to new codebases and platforms
  • Love of video games and/or strong desire to be involved in studio life (e.g. events, game nights, making friends, etc)