General Application

Iron Galaxy employees can elect to work from the office or home through end-2021. This policy extends to anyone that Iron Galaxy hires between now and then. Any equipment that you might need for projects at Iron Galaxy will be set up for you onsite or shipped directly to you based on preference.

Diversity matters at Iron Galaxy. Every day, our team strives to build on an inclusive environment where all voices are equal. We believe in continuous improvement. Our constant growth relies on being open to the cultures of players everywhere. Whether you find us online or in our games, Iron Galaxy provides a safe space for everyone. For all positions, we are looking for the next team member to challenge us to be better.

Are you excited about the potential to work with one of Iron Galaxy's AAA partners on one of their games? What about the chance to port a classic game from one platform to another? How about making a completely original game from the ground-up? If any of those potential projects are exciting to you, then Iron Galaxy is the place for you!

We are always looking for talented developers across all disciplines. If you are interested in submitting an application to our studio but don't see a role that is a fit for you, please feel free to do so with this General Application!

When filling out the application, please make it clear which department you are applying to:

  • Art
  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Production
  • QA
  • Other

Want to stand out?

  • Include a cover letter and tell us about yourself and why you’re a great match for Iron Galaxy.
  • Show your work! Whether it’s a school assignment or a personal project, if you’re proud of it, we’d love to see it

We are one of the world’s largest independent video game developers. Our people combine their talents to create amazing experiences for our players. We also partner with the best companies in our industry to team up on their projects. Our work has resulted in feature development for some of your favorite franchises, ports that move popular games from one platform to another, and remasters that breathe new life into beloved titles. We pride ourselves on our commitment to maintaining a positive culture and supporting a healthy balance between work and life for our employees.

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